Small degasser

Alongside the high capacity degassing systems for end-of-life refrigerators, ATN Engineering developed a small degassing unit that can be placed within your workshop or can be used as a mobile unit for which the small degasser is mounted on a trailer.

´Plug and Play´

Just provide an electrical connection and the system is ready to go. To assure easy handling and safe operation gas and oil are collected in receptacles (storage tank) in the machine itself. 

Integrated receptacles

Gas and Oil are collected in receptacles that are integrated in the small degasser itself.

Degassing system

The small degasser can be equipped with one drill/head or with four piercing pliers. 

R12, R134a and R600A

The machine is able to degas domestic fridges filled with R12, R134A and R600A.


An average degassing time of one minute is possible using the special patented drill head and about 15 minutes when using the standard piercing−pliers.


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