New handling system for refrigerator degassing

ATN receives more and more requests from customers (especially from outside Europe) for automatic handling systems. Refrigerators are becoming bigger and heavier. In countries like the USA the weight of a refrigerator can be well over 150kg. In order to avoid manual handling of these big refrigerators during the degassing process ATN developed an automatic handling system, the fridge turner.

Why handling?

Handling of refrigerators is necessary in order to reach the maximum efficiency of the degassing process. The refrigerant can be drained in every position. But in order to drain the refrigerant containing oil in the most efficient way the degassing process has to take place at the lowest point of the compressor. Of course the capacity of the drill-head wont be limited by this new handling system.


Short description the fridge turner

Over the existing conveyer system the refrigerator is conveyed into the fridge turner. The fridge turner brings the refrigerator in the correct position for the degassing process. The operator connects the drill-head to the compressor and starts the degassing process. After one minute the degassing process is finished and the drill-head is disconnected. Automatically the refrigerator is turned and brought back into the existing conveyer system. At the same time the next refrigerator is brought into position for the next degassing cycle.


Because the fridge turner works automatically, safety is a very important issue. With the help of a numerous sensors accidents are made nearly impossible.



  • No restriction in the capacity 

  • Maximum safety

  • Easy to install

  • Communicating with the ATN degassing machine


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