Gas treatment plant stage 3

ATN gas treatment plant

No more expensive condensing of collected gas from refrigerant equipment stage one and two. With the ATN gas treatment plant you will be able to transform harmful gas into harmless salt and a little bit of CO2. That means a CO2 reduction of 50%, because there is no energy needed for a condensing unit and no CO2 is being produced during transport. Regardless whether the gas is flammable or not, the ATN gas treatment plant can handle it.


Up to 500 m³ per hour

Also Nitrogen is not needed to inert the second stage shredder. This plant produces its own fire-extinguishing system.

The ATN gas treatment plant has the following benefits:

  • Reduce of operational costs

  • Reduce of maintenance costs

  • No more bills to pay for the external treatment of your collected gases

  • More reliable refrigerator recycling plant


Reduce of costs

A simple calculation can show the benefits of this system. The average cost in Europe for the external gas-treatment is € 4.00 (an estimate of US $ 5.84) per kg.

This means that a plant that has to recycle 150,000 fridges per year has to pay € 210.000 (an estimate of US $ 306.600) per year. Investing in ATN’s gas treatment plant can save your company the above amount of money each year.

The present situation is that gas is going through the condensing system in order to be liquefied so you can transport it to an external gas treatment plant. This is no longer necessary when you have your own plant, because the system can deal with the gas coming from the stage one and two in the gas phase. This saves about € 900.000 (an estimate of US $ 1.314.000) on your total investment. A cooling system needs about 80% more energy for the condensation than the ATN gas treatment plant needs for the reduction of the gas.

Just to give you an impression of what is happening inside the plant here are some formulas:


1. C4H10 + 7O2 => 4CO2 + 5H20 + Energy
2. C3H8 + 5O2 => 3CO2 + 4H2O + Energy
3. 2NH3 + 4O3 => 2NO + 6H2O + Energy
4. HCFC + Energy => F- + CL + H2O+CO2


The Fluor and the Chlorine will be captured and treated in the gas scrubber and formed into harmless gases and salt.

The amount of space needed for this plant is about 150 m² depending on the layout. The input of gas will be monitored as well as the output. This means that you will always have the data of the amount of collected gas from stage one and two and what the plant has released into the atmosphere and what is collected as salt.


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