Degasser for domestic fridges

Protecting the environment are key words when talking about the degassing and de-oiling of end-of-life refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment, by refrigerant gasses or oil, ATN Engineering developed an unique concept. This makes it possible to supply an environmentally safe and highly efficient degassing and de-oiling system. With this design a safe and efficient recycling of discarded refrigerators is assured. 

The modular design makes it possible to build machines for high capacities, up to 200 fridges per hour, and high pressure gases from AC units.   


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Highly advanced

Our patented drill-head system extracts all gas and oil safely within 1 minute.

Extremley fast

It takes only 60 seconds to drain a refrigerators from oil and gases. Up to 200 refrigerator per hour with our equipment is possible.

Increased Scrap value

The gas and oil collecting efficiency of our equipment is measured at 99.5%. Nearly all oil and gas gets extracted from the cooling system resulting in a higher value of your scrap metals.


Our equipment can run nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully automatic

For high efficiency automatic degassing/de-oiling systems are possible.

Increased Efficiency

ATN degassing systems maximizes your shredder input and therefore greatly increases the efficiency of your overall recycling process.


Our degassing systems are qualified for flammable gases. Therefore a safe operation of the degassing and de-oiling process is assured.

Separated oil and gas collecting

The vacuum system in our degassing equipment assures complete separation of gas and oil.

Volume tracking

Collected volumes of gas and oil extracted are displayed on the integrated screen. And can be used for administration purposes. Intergration in your company network is possible. 

30 year of experience

ATN Engineering has more than 30 years of experience in developing and constructing complicated and highly efficient recycling equipment.

Status information

The preset-unit gives exact information about the status of the degassing and is easy to maintain.

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