Automatic degassing

Some recycling companies are alowed to only degass and de-oil the refrigerant from compressors of domestic fridges. Fully automatic degassing of these units is possible with our unique and patented automatic drill-head. We build complete unites that are able to degas and drain oil from refrigerator compressors in less than one minute.


Removing the compressor unit

After blocking and cutting the compressor pipes with the ATN cutter the compressor is removed from the refrigerator unit without any leakage of oil or gases. The whole process is carried out with a special device developed by ATN.

The compressor unit is then transported to the degassing unit. In this unit the compressor is automatically positioned and after that degassed and drained of oil. Up to 3 compressors can be degassed at once. The whole degassing process takes no more than one minute.


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Increased Scrap value

The gas and oil collecting efficiency or our equipment is measured at 99.5%. Nearly all oil and gas gets extracted from the cooling system resulting in a higher value of your scrap metals. Fast degassing and draining-oil in less then one minute with the use of our patented drill head.

Leaking refrigerators

Air from leaking fridges is no problem and the pressure of the collecting tank is regulated and controlled by the machine itself.


Our degassing systems are qualified for flammable gases. Therefore a safe operation of the degassing and de-oiling process is assured. 

Gas and oil separation

The system, consist of a vacuum unit where the oil and gas are completely separated.


Increased shredder efficiency

The advantage of being able to decide when to degas the compressor is that your input-conveyor of your shredder is not depending on the manual de-gassing activities. Your logistic efficiency will increase. It is also possible to degas the compressors during day-shift and work with the shredder during three shifts. Resulting in saving of employment costs.

Increased shredder input

Compressor safely removed before being degassed.

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