Ammonia degasser for NH3 absorber refrigerators

Absorber type refrigerators are a challenge to recycle, because of the use of the cooling agent ammonia (NH3) and water containing antioxidants such as chrome 4.

For safe and quick degassing and draining of these units, ATN developed a one of a kind system for dealing with these kind of refrigerators and its aggressive and toxic liquids

Proces in a nutshell

A connection with the unit is made with two piercing devices, similar to what we use in our high pressure refrigerator degas systems.

At one end of the connection we drain the content of the system while on the other end pressurized air is blown in to make sure all the liquids are completely extracted from the refrigerator.

Finally, clean water is run through the system to make sure all residues are completely flushed out. The drained fluid is led into a storage tank ready for recycle or destruction.

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Fast, Easy and Safe

The ATN NH3 degas system is a fast, easy to operate and a safe way to recycle NH3 type of refrigerators

Low operational cost

The system is easy to maintain and operational costs are kept at a minimum as for the disposal of the collected refrigerant.

Status Information

The preset-unit gives exact information about the status of the degassing and is easy to maintain.


Lowest disposal cost per NH3 type refrigerator

The design and working of the system ensures the lowest possible cost for disposing of NH3 type refrigerators.

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