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ATN New products

ATN has developed some new products that we like to share with you. 

  • 5°C pre-condensing for all condensation units including BK1 and PT6.
    Makes the machines independent from the ambient temperatures.
  • Water-refrigerant separator.
    With that freezing in liquid lines to the collection tank is avoided. 

  • Condensing unite for the collection of blowing agents.
    Stage 2 condensing unit.
  • Catalyser for stage 1 degassing machines.
    When you want to save costs for the destruction.
  • Catalyser for stage 2 blowing agents destruction.
    When you want to save costs for the destruction.
  • Condensing unit for the collection of pentane.
    In combination with Catalyser stage 2. You can use the pentane as fuel. 

  • Condensing unit for the condensation of bio gas.

  • All kind of logistic solutions. 

  • Draining unit for high pressure (200 bars) tanks.

  • Draining unit for propane and butane tanks. 


In the following months we will publish more information about our new products. 


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