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Refrigerants contribute more to the greenhouse effect than expected

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The Hague - De Telegraaf, 2-11-2015

Something has to be done against refrigerants in refrigerators and airconditioners. The Dutch national institue for public health and environment reported that if nothing is done the HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) will contribute more and more to the greenhouse effect. The institute researched the refrigerants.

HFCs are being used as a replacement for other substances, namely CFCs and HCFCs. Those substances break down the ozone layer and therefore those substances are being used less frequently. HFCs on the other hand do not damage the ozone layer, but they contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Europe, America and Japan already took measures to decrease the use of HFCs. However, the Dutch national Inistitute for public health and environment expects that in the upcoming economies like China and India the emissions will increase. According to the institute it is technically possible to use less HFCs.

Note: This article was translated from Dutch to English. For the original article, please click this link.
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