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Gerrie Leemput witnessed, in 1989, that the piles of discarded refrigerators in the Netherlands kept growing. He felt that a solution was needed. After spending months in his garage designing and adjusting he found the end result: the patented ATN drill-head. The drill-head enabled easy draining of harmfull oil and gas coming from end-of-life refrigerators. With the invention of the drill-head, gas and oil would no longer get in contact with the environment. Therefore the drill-head facilitates a safe and healthy working climate for employees that handle these harmful substances.


Over the past couple of years ATN Engineering has refined the drill-head and now it is able to drain a domestic refrigerator within one minute (with an efficiency of 99,5%). Furthermore, ATN Engineering created new logistical solutions, new machinery to drain industrial coolers and equipment for the recycling of televisions and tumble dryers. This has not gone unnoticed, because the demand has grown ever since. Nowadays ATN Engineering has installed more than 80 custom-made systems world-wide to solve the specific recycling problems of our customers.


Our office and production facility is located in Stadskanaal (the North of the Netherlands). This facility enables us to speed up production and to progress with a number of new developments in order to expand our range of recycling solutions.






ATN Engineering was founded by our general manager Mr. Gerrie Leemput. After his study as mechanical and electro technical engineer he worked in all kinds of technical and management jobs. Gerrie Leemput has been an entrepeneur for over 25 years, resulting in a broad experience in the field of recycling.

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Mrs. Nel Leemput is, as financial manager, responsible for all the financial aspects of the company. Experienced in sales and bookkeeping, she plays a key-role in maintaining the relationships with our customers.

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