Television recycling

End-of-life televisions have to be recycled. The C(athode) R(ay) T(ube) has to be separated in a front and a rear part. In order to do that the housing of the TV has to be removed. This has to be done manually. During the years a lot of dust is gathered in the TV. This dust is harmful when inhaled. Therefore, it is necessary that the housing is removed in a well-ventilated room with filters collecting the dust. After removing the housing the CRT has to be placed in the machine. ATN has two types of machines to do the job. For small capacity dismantling we have the CRT-L and for high capacity we have the CRT-H.


In the CRT-L the metal band of the tube is removed first. Then the CRT is moved to the second stop where the CRT is cut into two pieces with the help of four disc-cutters. In order to avoid dust from the cutting coming into the working area of the operator the CRT is lowered into a separate area in the machine. From here the dust is sucked away from the operator. After cutting, the parts are moved to the third station in order to remove the back and the phosphorous layer inside the front-glass. In the inside of the phosphorus layer there is toxic material. Additionaly, it is important to separate the glass from the front and the rear. The rear glass contains led. The front is very good to reuse as long as the lead is removed.

Flat screen

The flat screen television (TFT screen) has a complete different kind of monitor. If you take a TFT screen apart you will be able to salvage recyclable and valuable plastics. But first of all, you will need to remove the toxic liquid crystals. The liquid crystals are collected and sent away for destruction. 

Separate systems for each type of TV

The housing has to be removed from both types of television. After that, the CRT can be treated in one machine and the flat-screen in another. It is impossible to do that in the same machine, because the separation technique is very different. ATN designed two different units for that. Although they look quite similar on the outside, they are very different on the inside.


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