WasteExpo Las Vegas June 7-9

WasteExpo Las Vegas June 7-9
This year ATN Engineering will attend the WasteExpo in Las Vegas that will be held from 7 to 9 of June, 2016. You are welcome…
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ATN New products

ATN New products
5°C pre-condensing for all condensation units including BK1 and PT6.Makes the machines independent from the ambient temperat…
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Newsletter 04 2015

Newsletter 04 2015
You can read the following in our newsletter: New video: Fridge-Turner New video: The story of ATN Engineering Condensing uni…
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ATN newsletter 03 2015

ATN newsletter 03 2015
You can read the following in our newsletter: ATN is expanding its staff Is R410A a problem for the recycling? Inde…
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Refrigerator degassing in no more than 60 seconds?

No problem with the refrigerator recycling equipment of ATN Engineering B.V.

ATN Engineering B.V.

Protecting the environment are key words when speaking about end-of-life refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment ATN Engineering developes unique, environmentally safe and highly efficient degassing systems to recycle discarded refrigerators. 

  • ATN equipped plants degas and de-oil up to 200 refrigerators per hour.
  • Our drill-head system extracts all gas and oil safely in no more than 60 seconds.
  • Fully automatic degassing systems are also possible.
  • All plants are engineered in accordance with the PED and ATEX regulations, as well as the WEEE Directive. They are also certified by T.U.V. Germany or any other NoBo.


Custom design and build to client specification

Each degassing and recycle system is carefully designed to fit the clients wishes and the systems can be placed within the clients current logistical system. In order to maximize output and efficiency we can supply logistic lay-outs or even complete logistical systems.


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For more information or sales contact us at info@atnengineering.com.


Our equipment can run nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our degassing systems are qualified for flammable gasses. Therefore a safe operation of the de-gassing and de-oiling process is assured.

Increased Scrap value

The gas and oil collecting efficiency of our equipment is measured at 99.5%. Nearly all oil and gas are extracted from the cooling system resulting in a higher value of your scrap metals.

Increased Efficiency

ATN degassing systems maximize your shredder input and therefore greatly increase the efficiency of your overall recycling process.

Separated oil and gas collecting

The vacuum system in our de-gassing equipment assures complete separation of gas and oil.

Volume tracking

Collected volumes of the extracted gas and oil are displayed on the integrated screen. Ideal for administrative purposes.

Status information

The present-unit gives exact information about the status of the degassing and it is easy to maintain.

30 year of experience

ATN Engineering has over 30 years of experience in developing and constructing complicated and highly efficient degassing equipment.